Electronic Components

E-Tech can meet customers varied needs of small order quantity and product multiplicity. We very cautiously evaluate the advantages of production bases in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Then adopt the most efficient and cost effective way to serve our customers. We dedicate to offering low-cost and high quality electronic components which include Wire Harness Cable, Connector, Switch, IC Transistor, LED, Resistor, Capacitor, Transformer, Inductor, Coil, PCB, Power Supply, Wiring Equipment, LCD Panel, etc.

  • Connector

    SATA、eSATA、HDMI、FFC/FPC、RF、D-Sub、Memory Card 、BNC、IDC、Pin Header、Board to Board and other connectors.

  • Wire Harness Cable

    SATA Cable、USB Cable、HDMI Cable、AC/DC Cable、Flat Cable、Power Cable、OEM Cable, etc.

  • Switch

    Power, Push, Dip, Slide, Toggle, Micro, Rotary, Hook and more…

  • IC / Transistor

    Tx / Rx ICs、RF ICs、Transistors, etc.

  • LED

    LED Display、LED Lamp、LED Lighting、LED Module, etc.

  • Resistor

    Wire Wound, Metal Film, Carbon Film, Cement, Metal Oxide Film, Chip and other Resistors.

  • Capacitor

    Ceramic, Polyester Film, Aluminum, Tantalum and other capacitors.

  • PCB

    Single and Double Side, 1-10 Layers high quality and low cost PCBs.

  • Transformer, Inductor and Coil

    RF Inductor、Power Inductor、Choke Coil、Filters, etc.

  • Power Supply

    AC/DC Switching Power Supply、DC/DC、DC/AC Power Supply, etc.

  • Wiring Equipment

    Bands、Cable Clamps、Conducts、Bushings、Terminal、PCB Parts, Heat Shrink Tubing, etc.

  • LCD Display

    TFT LCD、OLED Module and Panel、E-Paper, etc.

  • Professional Photography Tripod

    Professional, Lightweight and Table Tripods、Monopod、Pan Head、Cases, etc.