Mechanical Components

Aluminum/Zinc/Copper Alloy Die-Casting Parts

Advanced software is used by senior designers for the study and analysis of mold design. It shortens the time for mold development - the process is as follows: Mold Design → Mold Making → Mold Trial / Inspection →Sample Making → Customer Approval →Trial Mass Production → Mass Production. Every stage is tightly controlled by engineers and communicated with customers for technical details. Quality control is from the beginning of mold making until the finished product is created. With more than 20 years experiences in the field of die-casting industry, we provide precise parts for use in various industries such as: motor and auto, computers, communications, IA products, household electrical, sports equipment, etc.

Aluminum Alloy Product:

  • Cooler

  • Gear Box

  • Cable Connection Box

Zinc Alloy / Copper Alloy Product:
  • DVD Slide Base

  • Note Book Hinge

  • CDRW Base

  • Water Leakage Filter