• SATA、eSATA、HDMI、FFC / FPC RF、D-Sub、Memory Card、BNC
    and other Connectors more
  • SATA Cable、USB Cable、HDMI Cable、AC/DC Cable、Flat Cable、Power Cable more
  • Switch、IC/Transistor、Capacitor Resistor、LED、Power Supply Transformer、Inductor more
  • Metal Stamping Parts、Plastic Injection Parts、Aluminum Extrusion Parts more
  • Single and Double Side, 1-12 Layers High Quality and Low Cost PCBs more
  • TN / STN / FSTN LCM、Color STN、COG LCD、TFT、FSC-LCD、E-Paper and OLED Modules more
  • ER-2001P、ER-300 Multipurpose Wireless Portable Amplifier Speaker System more

About Us

E-Tech Office International Corporation supplies top-quality components throughout the world for many applications, from cellular phone, computer peripherals to other 3C products. The main products of E-Tech Office include computer and telecommunication connectors and cable assemblies, die-casting, precision stamping, plastic and rubber injection parts, and other electronic devices and components....